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Stage 1


Based on the client brief, we create a custom strategy : who could be the best fit candidates including culture, where will we find them – local and or international, what level would be ideal, what are the key characteristics, among others. We then create a target list of companies in the same sector and or related industries.

Stage 2

Talent mapping

The research analyst assigned to a particular mandate uses primary (database, references, cold calling) and secondary sources (google search, websites, linkedin, etc) to populate the target list with relevant names. This is then validated by the senior consultant and the clients.

Stage 3


The senior consultant then reaches out with utmost discretion and care, shares permitted client information including profile, website and detailed job description, resolves first level queries and obtains the resumes of the interested candidates. The target number is 20 at this stage, and upon reaching it the senior consultant does a resume and phone level screening and shortlists the top 10 for the next level.

Stage 4


The top 10 candidates are then met (in person or Skype) by the Founders along with a domain expert ; typically a former Chairman or CEO of a leading brand in the same industry, to ensure that only the best of the best pass through. After this stage, only the top 3 candidates are recommended to clients with a detailed analysis and fitment report.